The following guidelines will help you prepare for getting your book published. To submit a publisher-ready manuscript for review, please be sure it has been professionally proofread and edited. If you are submitting a manuscript for editorial services, please send via email in a Word document.


PREPARE a double spaced, typed manuscript (Word 2000 or newer) for editing. You can send a copy via email.

PROVIDE a final copy of manuscript in Word (unformatted if you are a newcomer to the computer; formatted if you know the accpetable and proper ways to format). You may submit a formatted word document separately that can be used as a formatting guide, that may or may not be used for publishing print books or e-books. For E-book submissions, be sure to submit a clean and unformatted version.

SUBMIT original photographs or artwork or other graphics for scanning in JPEG format (300 dpi or higher).

DETERMINE the trim size of your book by visiting or researching books in your category (respect the category of your type of book found in bookstores).

FINAL layout and page count will be determined by publisher and printer choice. (A good rule is to figure 300-400 words per page). However, much of this depends on the size and type of book. Page proofs will be provided for your approval.


DEVELOP a concept, design or provide photograph(s) for the cover that reveals a key point of the message you are portraying.

BACK cover should have a short biographical sketch of the author with a quality photo. If space permits, we like to include bullet points (benefits of the book) on the back cover. If your author picture is not a quality photo, it will be used on the books' interior..

COVER design will be completed by our staff or contracted; a proof will be provided for approval.


You can choose from saddle stitch (4 page minimum) and perfect binding (48 page minimum). 



SCANNING of photos and/or artwork

CONSULTATIONS, guidance, and workshops throughout process

COPY editing, minor editing, proofreading

COVER design


CATALOG fee for Ingram catalog

UPLOAD fee for online stores and distribution


BOOK FULFILLMENT / Direct sales below wholesale cost


Paperback Cover - Glossy cover stock, coated one side only.

Body - Non-fiction is printed on WHITE stock / Fiction is printed on CREME stock.

HARDCOVER options: Case laminate & hardbound with dust jacket