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Are you looking for divine inspiration and creative ideas to produce a quality book or product? If so, you've come to the right place. RPJ & Company is the publisher where quality and excellence meet face to face!

RPJ & Company is a Christian publishing company that strives to publish quality products for every author.  Your reputation is important to us.

Our product line includes non-fiction, fiction, self help, poetry, journals, devotionals, notepaper, workbooks and customized calendars.

Publishing divisions include:

RPJ & Company Books - For seasoned authors.

RPJ Legacy Books - Memories, stories, photographs bound together in a quality book to share with future generations.

RPJ Journey Books - Helping new authors achieve their goals.

RPJ Children's Books - Inspirational messages with full color illustrations to children.

SPC Books - Self Help, General Inspiration, How-to books

RPJ Creative Designs - Typically used for calendars, note paper, marketing items.

Our books are marketed through mainstream bookstores such as Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Powell's, Target, and Amazon as well as the 20,000 online stores throughout the world.

RPJ & Company has a reputation for creativity, anointed talent, and quality products, while developing relationships with those who want to become known as successful, quality product and kingdom-minded authors. 

We offer an honest evaluation for each manuscript and suggestions to make it one of the best. If a manuscript would be better suited under a different imprint, we offer services to help authors become self-published. Whatever the choice, we strive to offer quality, customized work, and high royalty payments. RPJ & Company is known as the publisher who cares about the finished product and client image, the publisher whose heart and passion are to inspire the Kingdom of God and the world with greatness.

Whether a Christian or non-Christian writer, we want to maintain high standards in the vision and message each writer has been given to share with the world.  We will do everything we can to assist each client in producing quality with the written word, layout, design and packaging to make successful published authors in the Kingdom of God. Client vision and participation in every book project is an integral part of production and the finished product!

We offer affordable packages with low upfront costs. Payment plans are available, free of interest, and we do not lock any client into long-term contracts with high book prices. We also pay high royalty payments.

RPJ & Company likes to pride itself on its customized layout and designs, quality products for new authors with a worldwide presence.

We are looking for you if:

You're an author with a call to publish a book, but not sure where or how to begin, or

You're a Christian author shopping for a personalized, relational publisher that can provide a quality book for you;

You have a Christian Children's book that needs publishing;

You desire to be a self-published author through a division of ours, or would like to hire us on a consulting basis to establish and set up your own company.

You're a writer who needs ghost-writing, book coaching, proofreading services, typing, word processing, or perhaps you're a business person with a need for brochures, business cards, flyers or promotional materials.

We now offer free-lance services to big and small self publishers.

We can help! Contact us for a free quote today!

RPJ & Company... your choice for divine publishing and inspired writing.